What time does the bottomless brunch start?
The bottomless cocktails start dead on 12pm so don’t be late
Does the Brunch start when we arrive?
Food service starts at 1pm
If we buy tickets separately can we sit together?
Yes as long as you all arrive together
Do you do group discounts?
Yes we do a group discounted ticket which you can buy on our ticket site, click the link in the top right
Do I need photo ID?
All venues are different but we would advise anyone coming to one of our events to bring valid photo ID – Physical Passport or Driving License ONLY so it can be scanned.
What are the vegetarian & vegan options?
A Thai-influenced burger with fresh lemongrass and lime leaf, mixed vegetables, coriander and chilli.
Coated in a black onion, sesame and cumin seed crumb containing crunchy red lentils
The burgers are not bottomless but the fries are
Do you have gluten free?
We do gluten free options
Is the chicken halal?
Yes our chicken is halal
When will the venue be released?
We usually release the venue 2-3 weeks before the event.
Does the venue sell alcohol after the bottomless drink ends?
Yes the venue has a full bar available
Does the venue accept card payments?
Is there a cloakroom?
Yes – £2 per tiem
When & where can I see the photos from the brunch after I attend?
The photos from each event are put up on the UKG Brunch facebook page the week following the event.
Are you planning to take the UKG Brunch to different Cities?
Look out for UK wide dates that will be released soon